Enabling VNC on your Mac

iTap mobile VNC supports Apple Remote Desktop authentication, which enables you to use your regular username and password to logon on to your desktop.

To use iTap mobile VNC with Mac OS X, "Screen Sharing" has to be turned on. Therefor you have to open the "System Preferences". There you will find "Sharing".

Once you have opened "Sharing" you have to enable the "Sreen Sharing" option. By doing so, your computer will display its IP address which you may use in your host entry of your iTap mobile VNC bookmark. The standard port is 5900. Make sure that you are using your external IP address if you are sitting behind a router. Also make sure that your firewall is setup correctly.

The following screenshot shows the screen after clicking on "Computer Settings..."

Please be aware of the fact, that you should not to turn on the "VNC Viewers may control screen with password: ..." option.

Enabling VNC on your PC

To use iTap mobile VNC with Windows, you have to install/setup a VNC Server.
iTap mobile VNC is tested with the following products:

We received several support requests concerning connection setup problems with RealVNC. RealVNC has a built in proprietary encryption that is barely supported by 3rd party clients and also not by iTap mobile VNC. The screenshot below shows the recommended setup when used with iTap mobile VNC.