Advanced Instructions

This section is for users with multiple computers or campus and company networks where network auto-discovery might be disabled.

Opening the computer chooser

The chooser is required to explicitly select one of several receiver computers or manually add an IP address.

You can start the chooser by pressing for a second on the chooser button on the main screen.

After holding the button for a second the chooser button turns blue and opens the chooser.

This is the chooser window with one automatically detected device:

Multi-Computer mode

Starting with version 2.0 of iTap it supports multiple receiver computers.

Now you can select the computer you wish to control by tapping on one of the two computer names.

If you are not able to see both of your computers you can check our FAQ for troubleshooting or enter the IP address manually as specified below.

Campus and complex company networks

Campus and complex company networks usually do not allow broadcast packets which are necessary for automatic pairing to work. In this case you have to specify the IP address of your PC/Mac on the iPhone/iPod touch.

To enter an IP Address please press the "+" button at the bottom of the chooser dialog and enter your IP address.

Now your iPhone/iPod touch will be visible on your receiver software and you will be able to pair with your device and control your computer.