Full feature list


  • NLA makes your connections even more secure Exclusive feature!
  • TS Gateway Exclusive feature!
  • all RDP encryption methods, including FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption


  • Support for RemoteFX! Exclusive feature!
  • 60% less bandwidth than any other RDP client on the iPhone. This means twice the speed over slow networks! Exclusive feature!
  • Automatic bandwidth reduction on 3G networks Exclusive feature!
  • Compression and persistent Bitmap Cache for reduced bandwidth


  • No need to configure port forwards or firewalls to access your home PC from the internet.
  • Fully gesture based for maximum screenspace Exclusive feature!
  • 3 different mouse pointer modes Exclusive feature!
  • Unique scope mode for precise control of your desktop
  • Convenient server search and reachability tests for bookmarks
  • Automatic reconnect without needing to enter passwords
  • Full international keyboard support