Full feature list


  • NLA makes your connections even more secure Exclusive feature!
  • TS Gateway Exclusive feature!
  • All RDP encryption methods, including FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption


  • RemoteFX support Exclusive feature!
  • NSCodec support
  • Optimized for LAN networks and also for slower 3G connections
  • Compression and persistent Bitmap Cache for reduced bandwidth


  • Automatic reconnect without needing to enter passwords
  • Full international keyboard support
  • Support for huge desktops. Up to the limits of Windows only.
  • True multi-monitor support


  • 8, 16, 24 and 32bit color modes
  • Sound support. Stream sound from Windows directly to your phone
  • unlimited screen size
  • Console sessions (Windows Server products)
  • Remote Program support (start programs automatically on login)
  • Clipboard redirection
  • Open .rdp files over the command line
  • Disk redirection

Important release information

iTap mobile RDP does not yet fully support all available virtual channels and redirections available with Microsoft's own clients (it does support features Microsoft does not support on Mac though, e.g. TS Gateway). Please see the following list of currently unsupported features, we are working hard to include each and every of those features in future versions.

Supported redirections

  • Printer redirection (uses cups on Mac)
  • Disk redirection
  • Sound output redirection
  • Clipboard

Unsupported redirections

  • Smartcard redirection
  • USB redirection
  • Audio input
  • Serial and parallel bus
  • Generic PnP device redirection
  • Multi-media redirection

If you have any questions regarding a certain feature or if the client is only interesting to you if it includes a specific redirection please let us know!