Setup Guide

First Steps

For basic operation of iTap please follow these steps:

  • Download the iTap Touchpad Receiver (either the Mac or Windows version)
  • Install the receiver (Mac users: just drag it to your Applications folder)
  • Start the receiver (Windows users: the iTap receiver will be added to your start menu, Mac users: please launch the application)
  • Start iTap mobile Touchpad on your device, iTap Touchpad Receiver has to be running in order to communicate with your computer
  • Your device's name should now be visible within the iTap Touchpad Receiver software
  • Select your device and click the "Pair with selected device" button

Done! you will be able to control your computer now!

For normal operation in home networks you do not need to enter your IP address, iTap mobile Touchpad will automatically be detected.

Usage instructions


To open the keyboard use one of the following possibilities: 2-finger double tap, shake your device or hit the menu button -> "Keyboard".

Additional controls

Once you open the keyboard a bar drops down from top of your screen where you can find additional keys.

The slider is for volume adjustment. You can either drag the slider to the left/right or tap on the left/right side of the slider to move it in steps. The speaker button will toggle mute on your computer.


The settings are available by hitting the menu button -> "Options".