Advanced Instructions

This section is for users with multiple computers or campus and company networks where network auto-discovery might be disabled.

Multi-Computer mode

iTap mobile Touchpad supports multiple receiver computers.

If your device detects more than one computer to which it was already paired, the following dialogue will be shown.

In your case the names will be the host names of the paired computers. You can select the computer you wish to control by tapping on one of the computer names.

If you want to take over the control of another computer, you can open the dialogue from above by hitting the menu button -> "Choose PC".

If you are not able to see both of your computers you can check our FAQ for troubleshooting or enter the IP address manually as specified below.

Campus and complex company networks

Campus and complex company networks usually do not allow broadcast packets which are necessary for automatic pairing to work. In this case you have to specify the IP address of your PC/Mac on the iPhone/iPod touch.

To enter an IP Address please hit the menu button -> "Options". There you have to tap on "Manual Receiver".

This will bring up the following dialogue for entering the hostname or IP of the "receiver" computer.

Now your Android device will be visible on your receiver software and you will be able to pair with your device and control your computer.